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Welcome, and thanks for visiting OngaArt Shop where, thanks to technology, I am able to offer digital reproduction of my art on things you wear or use.

New! A collection of paintings with alcohol inks and how you can order prints. Click here.

Your purchases on help me to support myself and pay my bills, so I can continue to do my volunteer work with hospice, and to offer service as end-of-life doula. (I am not employed so that I can use my time, energy, and ideas for these things.) Thank you! 

I am delighted to share the energy of OngaArt with you! Check out my "About" page for more detail about how I got here.

I will continue to add more designs, and more products as they become available. Subscribe to my email newsletter to be the first to know when this happens.

    If you see a design that you like but it's not featured on the print-on-demand item you want, contact me and I'll make it so. I am pleased to partner with a custom, print-on-demand vendor, Printful, so it is easy to add items to my store.


    Christine Onga Dehlinger 

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    Affiliate site: Sensitive Planet
    I especially *love* the deodorant: Have been wearing it for several years now. Smells so good! And so, um, divine!