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Sacred Threads 218733 in two designs

Sacred Threads 218733 in two designs


Flowing, embroidered and appliqued 3/4 length sleeve black top

Shipping is $5.00.

To avoid that cost, you are welcome to pick it up at my studio – 5015 W. Netherwood Rd., Oregon, WI. And you would then have an opportunity to try it on, and if it doesn’t work for you I will refund your money, including the $5.00 shipping. (Guaranteed six feet of physical distance.) It would be prudent to make an appointment, though, because I keep irregular hours there. Text 608-220-5139. 

Don’t dawdle 

In most cases, I have only one of each item, and you won’t meet another person walking around town in the same shirt. The downside is, if you want a shirt and don’t order it right away, it may be gone the next day. (Until I re-order if it is still available from Sacred Threads wholesaler.) 

About the sizing 

All shirts are labeled OS (one size), which is approximate to XL. That means that they are roomy enough for most bodies. 

But for someone like me who will drown in XL, here is my solution because every single shirt that I buy that is made in India is sized OS or XL. Most are rayon, or a rayon/cotton combo, which shrinks. So I shrink them in the washer and dryer, and have never had any shrink too much to be un-wearable. So I never hesitate to buy that OS or XL, feeling confident that I can indeed control the size to fit me. It’s pretty cool.

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