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Simply Have Fun Workshop -- Dye a silk scarf with Kool-Aid! January 22, 2020

Simply Have Fun Workshop -- Dye a silk scarf with Kool-Aid! January 22, 2020


Wednesday, January 22, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
1 session
5015 W. Netherwood Rd., Suite 1
Three parking spaces in front of studio. Additional parking on N. Burr Oak Avenue just around the corner to the east.

I provide:

  • Before the class, I’ll digitally provide two color charts to guide you to get what you might like to make regarding color placement. I’ll provide a color wheel image, and a chart that shows what colors you might get with Kool-Aid brand powder. (No guarantees on what you actually get, though. This is art, after all.)
  • One 8” x 54” silk scarf for each person registered
  • In-class instructions and heating equipment for setting colors
  • Directions for cooling, rinsing, finishing, and laundering
  • A link to complete directions if you’d like to repeat the project at home maybe with a larger scarf

You provide:

  • Three envelopes of Kool-Aid (or other brand) powdered drink mix in colors that you choose. (Must be sugar-free. My color chart is only accurate for Kool-Aid brand drink mix envelopes. Other brands may vary.)
  • A microwave-safe glass dish, no larger than 11” in any direction, preferably with a lid
    If you don’t have a lid, we can cover with plastic wrap for the heating process
  • Hot pads to carry your art home in its dish because it will take some time to cool down.

Register early because the class size is limited to eight people (eight chairs). 

This would be an appropriate class for a conscientious kid 5 years or older. However, each child must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older.

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