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About Onga

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In 2010, after a hiatus of 25+ years, I got out my paints again to return to making what we used to call "fine art" (as opposed to "commercial art," which is what graphic design was called back in the day).

Your purchases on help me to support myself and pay my bills, so I can continue to do my volunteer work with hospice, and to offer service as end-of-life doula. (I am not employed so that I can use my time, energy, and ideas for these things.) Thank you! 

I've been a graphic designer since 1978 and having that profession has been rather good to me, allowing me earn a living as a creative. Over the years I've expanded my repertoire to include all things marcom (marketing communication). That too has been good to me because it has required me to be a lifelong learner, as marketing is ever changing. And it can be fun when one approaches it as honest communication rather than sales hype, which is how I operate. I now work as an independent consultant as a professional communicator, and outline my services on this web site.

Now, thanks to technology, it's fun to also be able to have my art reproduced on things you'll wear and use. I am delighted to share the energy of OngaArt with you!

Be sure to check out the OngaArt web site, where you may find other pieces that you would like printed on special-order items that you can purchase. I am pleased to partner with a custom, print-on-demand vendor, Printful, so it is easy to add items to my store. Email me -- -- to request a particular image for a particular product, and I'll be happy to see if it's doable for you, and I will provide a price.

Christine Onga Dehlinger

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